How To Track Your Print Jobs Better? HP Printer Help

How well your organization tracks its printing jobs depend entirely on how good is your print job tracking software. At HP Printer Support, we come across many office structures where the primary print management solution comes with this software. This is not always enough. The auditing and tracking features included in such a scenario are quite basic. Even at its best, it captures overall print related data that stretches maximum to the job name or the username who started the job. And at its worst, it is included like some afterthought that is of hardly any use.

So what do you have to do to improve the print job tracking at your organization and get data from a user’s print activity that is both meaningful and actionable? At HP Printer Helpline UK we bring you some easy steps to achieve that.

Decide On A Stable Print Environment

You cannot derive order from haphazard actions. So when you want to collect print job tracking data that is of any value, it is important that you first have a strong outlook of the organization’s complete print environment. Print management solutions that do not come with a centralized point of control make it very hard with the fragmented environment causing a poor overview, more so in geographically distributed companies.

Convert Print Data To Relevant Information

The real world importance of your print activity is sometimes lost in translation. Our HP Support consultants often tell us, it may be of little value to someone from the higher management to learn that 40 to 50 of their employees are printing 500 or more colour pages each month. But tell them that these 40 to 50 people’s printing habits together cost the company approximately 100,000 pounds a year and you will have their immediate attention.

Not All Print Jobs Are Equal

Whenever you track any print job, always be on the lookout for the context. Take for example the scenario of 3 corporate communication executives taking a lot of print outs daily. It is a common scenario. But someone from production taking a lot of prints at late hours suddenly may be a valid reason for concern.  Therefore our HP printer tech support consultants often advise clients to take work role and time into account when organizing your print job data. All the more better if your print job tracking software is efficient.

Infrastructure Matters

You don’t derive your print activity impact from consumables alone. Printing also leaves its impact on your print infrastructure, so also check how your hardware is taking it. If your print management software supports SNMP monitoring, set that up to find out individual printer status. Check the long term data to find out if your printers are being used to their best potential.

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These may sound like simple measures to follow, but at HP printer customer support UK, we know it for a fact that not all print management solutions are up to the task. Thankfully, HP printers come with device management, workflow & document management, secure printing and print management software. Make their best use to smartly identify anomalies, find out up to date printing costs and more.