Why Hotmail Is Still Going Strong?

Why Hotmail?

Microsoft launched Hotmail (previously HoTMail) in the July of 1996. This was just one year before Yahoo Mail came into being and 8 long years before Gmail saw the light of the day. For early email users, almost everyone has had a Hotmail address at one time or the other. It is true, service providers like Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail are a lot more on the forefront now, but even then, Hotmail has some cool functionalities that works out great for its users. At Hotmail live chat support, we work with Hotmail users day in and day out. This has left us with pretty in-depth knowledge of some of Hotmail’s coolest features. Let us sum them up here for you!

Probably the best MS Office Support

Hotmail offers you direct MS Office support as well as the best file compatibility among all prominent email service providers. When a user works on Outlook, s/he is able to open Word documents in Skydrive and also have the regular interface for Word. You can also download, edit and upload this document on cloud as well as send it back once more via Hotmail, in its previous format. That’s right. You do not have to reformat it. Our Hotmail helpline number UK often helps users to master its features or when they need support to integrate Hotmail in various internet browsers.

You can have your Facebook chat enabled

Just as you can contact Google Plus when working on Gmail, your Hotmail allows you to chat with your Facebook friends here. Facebook is the most popular social media site right now, with more than 2 billion active users. It is rather convenient then, that instead of opening another window, you can chat with your Facebook friends while working from your Hotmail account.

In sync with other popular social media sites

You can do more with your Hotmail account than just chat with your friends from Facebook. Our Hotmail technical support team can show you easy steps to sync your Hotmail account with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Its contact management is not just great, it also sends you email notifications for events to remember. This way, you do not have to maintain a separate personal calendar of events. Besides, our team also helps you with any issues related to your security on the internet.

You have to deal with fewer advertisements

There is statistics reports that say, Hotmail advertisements are 60% less than Gmail ads. Gmail also monitors which messages are sent to spam and which clicked on by a user. At Hotmail tech support, we have observed that it can also use your Google search to send you targeted ads. Without these features, Hotmail ads and pop ups are definitely way fewer.

Then there is the Exchange ActiveSync

Microsoft offers the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) proprietary protocol that can be used to design your calendar, email, tasks, contacts and notes synchronization to any mobile device from any messaging server. While Google actively promotes Google Apps, Hotmail offers it for free.

Do you need any help with your cloud storage, online Office, calendar service, contact management or anything else? Our technical team can help you resolve most of such issues over the phone or through remote access to your device. When in doubt, call Hotmail support!