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3 Ways a Firewall Adds To Your Device Security

Most of us nowadays have a working knowledge of what antivirus software does. But at Norton UK support we see, that people often are confused about what a firewall exactly does. Thus, let us start this blog clearing your concept about a firewall.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a protective shield that protects your PC or mobile device from various data based threats that are a part and parcel of the cyber world.  Your computer exchanges data with servers and routers that are in the cyberspace. This data is sent in packets and your firewall monitors to check whether this data is safe or not.

Norton antivirus support recommends firewall to protect against unauthorized remote access

Any attempt at unauthorized remote access can hardly be a good news. This is how hackers gain control over a device – to steal data, spread malware into other devices on the same network and/or demand ransom. If you see your mouse move around your computer screen, take immediate precaution. When you have a perfectly configured firewall (provided you keep an updated operating system) and disable your remote desktop access, you can largely prevent external attacks on your device.

Your firewall makes the device safer as you play games online

Online gaming, though wildly popular, comes with its share of security risks. Norton antivirus support phone number technicians often come across malware that are created to target online gamers, preying on not secured or compromised game servers. Game publishers maintain high class security of their servers. Yet, it is a good idea to enable your firewall when you go online to play games.

Your firewall can keep undesired content at bay

Firewalls are capable of doing more than just preventing malicious software and hacking attempts. Firewalls come with options to block specific online locations. The domestic security suites filter content in a manner much similar to parental control applications.

However, you must remember that firewalls cannot protect against worms, viruses, keyloggers, and some other malware. This is the reason why the firewall should be enabled along with applying antivirus software. You can choose from standalone antivirus or complete security suites. Find one that complements your existing firewall or one that comes with a new firewall. At Norton antivirus support chat, our technicians are available to help you find answers to any technical issues. Enjoy online activities while keeping your device and data safe!