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3 Tips for Basic Printer Care

Living at an age when all electronic devices are being constantly improved and upgraded, a printer is one device that is still known for giving troubles at times. Our team at Dell support UK contact has noticed that taking some basic care of your printer can help you have lesser of these common problems like paper jam and ink smudge. In this blog, we share with you our inputs on how to keep your printer errors at a minimum.

Buy branded printer parts for replacement

You might be tempted to invest in a cheaper local counterpart as your printer needs a part to be replaced now and then. However, for the printer to run well for a long period of time, it is always advisable to buy the replacement parts from the original vendor to ensure quality and compatibility.

Contact Dell support UK to learn more about cleaning printer heads

You might have sometimes got printed pages with a white line running over the text or some part in every document missing ink. This happens even when the cartridge is full. To avoid this, you should clean your printer head regularly as they tend to get clogged with daily print jobs. When you buy a printer, keep the manual handy and spend some time to go through it.

You will find instructions on how to clean it manually or how to set the printer to self-clean itself. Just make sure that you don’t clean it more often than needed as Dell printer support UK technicians say that it uses up some ink each time you clean it.

Clean the dust and debris from your printer

It is common for dust, toner or debris to build up inside your computer, creating jams or causing ink streaks in your printed documents. You can remove these printers using a small vacuum. This is better than canned air dusters because it removes the dust completely, instead of scattering it inside the printer. We even advise cleaning it with a cotton swab and clean water. Make sure that you do it in regular intervals.

Try Dell support UK contact to instantly resolve technical errors

Like any other device, your printer will last longer if you take better care of it. What is a paper jam today, if left alone, can cause a more serious problem tomorrow? You have to be gentle even in pulling out the paper that is stuck within the printer.

Our technical team has great communication and troubleshooting experts who make it easy for you to resolve errors. We ensure that your work does not suffer from major downtime by resolving your printer issues immediately. We also suggest buying a printer maintenance kit from the original brand and keeping it handy.

You can always try to learn a bit more so that you can resolve minor issues on your own. Dell support is there to help you when you face any trouble. Feel free to call our toll free number on any working day and hour.