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3 Reasons Why Personal & Work Email Accounts Should Be Different

Outlook technical support is a team of skilled technicians who help clients troubleshoot any technical glitches in their email services smooth and fast. The service is available to ensure you do not face major downtime in work due to minor email problems that crop up from time to time. However, our team has also made it a point to always emphasize to our clients while chit chatting over the phone to resolve their errors, that work and personal life balance is crucial. Why Personal & Work Email Accounts Should Be Different

In order to maintain this balance, it is essential to maintain separate email addresses for your work and personal purpose. Find out more reasons why you should maintain separate email addresses.

Outlook customer support says different email addresses help you make lesser mistakes

Outlook autopopulates email addresses based on the first few letters you type. It might become a regular habit to type the first few letters and then not check if it auto selected the right recipient. This can be particularly common when you have contacts with almost similar names and email addresses. While the error could be casual if you sent it to one friend instead of another, it could be not so casual when it is an important email that you are sending to an important contact.

This could lead to sending sensitive information to an unintended recipient by mistake. To avoid it, maintain separate email accounts.

Outlook Support says there are long-term benefits with maintaining separate accounts

So what if you want to change your job tomorrow, that too at a short notice?   And you have to do it while wrapping up all your release formalities.

There are even scenarios when you have negative elements among colleagues or management in your last job.

Outlook tech support says it is a great way to maintain work and personal life balance

To do that, it is crucial that you maintain different email accounts. The same reason that some people will not carry their phones while on vacation. At Outlook support UK, we believe it is a healthy approach to both work and pleasure. Maintain it to keep both dimensions of your life going well.