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3 Great Advantages of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an open source operating system, based on the Linux operating system. At Google Chrome support UK, we recommend this lightweight OS as it demands a minimal hardware requirements. This leads to the computer running smooth and turning on fast. The operating system is a lot lighter than its counterparts like Windows. Google also updates it often and that too, there are automatic updates. There is a built in antivirus and many apps don’t need updating as the apps are stored in cloud. Here we are listing below a few more advantages of Chrome.

Simple & easy to use and maintain

Chrome OS is light and takes up less hardware resources. This is where it largely varies from Windows and OS X. At Google Chrome support number, we admire the fact that it does not need large storage space, memory or high-end processors. Chromebook is a thin client. It taps data and apps via cloud. So the actual heavy lifting takes place in sturdy central computers.

A Chromebook uses solid-state drives to store apps and data locally. Thus, these computers come with many advantages similar to that in SSD storage technology. These advantages include low power consumption and fast ability to read and write.

Perfect for enhancing daily productivity

Google offers Chromebook and Chrome OS with several other services and apps to pave the way for great productivity. Chrome helpline also recommends the office productivity apps like Sheets, Slides and Docs – much similar to MS Office – as well as Google’s other communication apps like hangouts and Gmail.

There are other productivity apps like Maps, Calendar, Google Drive and Forms. What more, the Chromebook owners also get Google Drive storage of a 100GB. There are other useful apps like Evernote & Adobe Photoshop that are available in Google Play Store. When you download these apps on your Chromebook, it greatly adds to its production capability. But yes, we must mention here that it may not be fit for resource intensive software and apps. Therefore, graphic designs or music producers cannot use it for their line of work.

Contact Google Chrome to find out how Chromebook is easy to carry around

Our team of technicians often encourage the clients to try Chromebook due to how lightweight it is. It is thin built, thanks to no burden in its hardware specifications. While it is as easy to carry as any Android based mobile device, what sets it apart is its strength in content creation and content consumption.

Thanks to the fact that Chrome requires minimum hardware strength, Chromebooks happen to have longer battery lives. The apps run on minimal computing power. This also helps the battery to last longer.

There is one more significant advantage of a Chromebook. When our clients contact Google Chrome support, we like to tell them of the benefit of Google Chrome’s complete integration with Android and Google. One can just sign in to a single Google account and enjoy all the great features of Chromebook and OS.