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Mozilla Firefox developed by Mozilla Foundation is such a propitious browser application that after its official and complete launch in 2004, it went on to challenge the supremacy of Microsoft?s Internet Explorer with 60 million downloads within just 9 months. Each version of Firefox continues to be the most privacy concerned and customizable web browser application. The Firefox browsers are fast and make frugal use of RAM. Due to its crucial and distinctive features, in August 2016 Firefox became PCMag.com Editors? Choice for Windows Web browser. PcSupremo provides online technical support for Mozilla Firefox that incorporates the guidance on the use of all features and remote assistance in customizing, optimizing and ensuring cyber security of the browser.

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source software (FOSS). It means the application comes with a free software license which grants anyone having the software, the extensive rights to use and modify the program code hence, the browser application in any manner. Eight months ago with the launch of 48th version, Mozilla introduced the unique feature of Tracking Protection in Private Browsing mode to prevent websites from gathering data about the user?s web activities. Firefox is available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, as well as, Mac and Linux. It has a striking and intuitive browser interface with rounded tabs that recede into the window?s border color when don?t have the focus. PcSupremo with the line-up of software specialists remotely demonstrates the update procedure of Mozilla, if someone is not automatically receiving the updates for new versions.

Following items are the overviews of PcSupremo support services

  • Usability training for guiding through the uses of existing and newly added features
  • Assistance in opting for the right setup type, Standard and Custom, while installation
  • Help for updating the application, force update or automatic update
  • Assistance with the installation of Firefox in different versions of Window, Mac and Linux
  • Technical directions for the use of free license, guidance on how to use the code
  • Browser customizing service to keep only features required by a user and assistance for routinely optimizing it
  • Help with the synchronization of multiple Firefox browsers

The features of Mozilla Firefox explained in detail

To give users the control over their digital impression Mozilla offers Private Browsing mode with Tracking Protection. When a user browses in a Private Window, Firefox doesn?t save the visited pages, temporary files, cookies, and searches. On the other hand, it saves only bookmarks and downloads. Further, with the Tracking Protection turned on, indicated by a shield icon on the left of the address bar, Firefox forefends the data about the user?s online behavior from being taken by ads, analytical trackers, and other web contents. Due to this, certain sites may look broken as Firefox removes some page areas. It is done because some websites allow third parties to reside on the pages and track the user?s activities. To reverse the effect, turning off the Tracking Protection, click on the shield icon and then on ?Disable protection for this session.?

For the more clear understanding of the Tracking Protection and other features, PcSupremo demonstrates how to initialize and use of each individual of them. Another remarkable feature is for synchronizing different Firefox browsers installed on multiple devices. It lets the user to conveniently transfer their bookmarks, passwords, extensions, and more to multiple Firefox browsers. Further, this allows the access of the open tabs of a Firefox browser on the other Firefox browser, running on a different device. The specialists of PcSupremo assist with the synchronization and the browsing continuation.

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