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Google is a ginormous multinational corporation having almost a monopoly on every major platform and service of the web. Google Chrome a free web browser was released in 2008 and is known for its fast processing and integration with Google services. Like any other software, internet browser applications initially operate smoothly but degrade in performance in some time. PcSupremo provides Online Technical Support for Google Chrome that includes boosting the performance of the browser application and the entire system.

Google has many famous and widely successful products but all its success stories started with the launch of Google Search in 1997. Till today it is the most extensively used search engine and is nearly synonymous with the web itself. The PageRank algorithm that helps to prioritize the value of pages on the web is the major contributor to its success. Gmail, a free email service was released with beta status in 2004 which went on to surpass Hotmail in 2012. Other outstanding products are Google Fiber, Maps, Docs, Drive, Chromebooks, Analytics, and AdWords. Each member of PcSupremo Support staff has received the certified training for the in-depth knowledge of the Google services. This has added competence in the triumphant delivery of remote software assistance to the users of these products.

The Solutions by PcSupremo for Google Chrome maintenance are:

  • Keeping the browser application free from unnecessary files and toolbars
  • Assistance for complete installation and removal of the browser on any OS deviceAddition, management and removal of third-party extensions
  • Management of search engines within the chrome, and the import of settings and bookmarks from other internet browsers
  • Usability training for handling the chrome including changes to the network, content, language, and download settings
  • Reset of the chrome and the addition of Chrome Accessibility extensions

Removal of junk and malicious files from Chrome browser

The internet browser applications are designed and programmed to present the endless information available on the web in an organized manner based on the inputs given. For the quick access to web pages, it incessantly saves their files and after some time it culminates in the accumulation of junk and unnecessary occupation of both the system memory and storage. This not only slows the browser but also makes the entire system sluggish.

PcSupremo Support staff comprises engineers who have spent valuable time in the field of operating system management and because of this, they possess insight into the efficient third-party tools meant to fulfill diverse purposes of cleaning system junk, optimizing the OS, blocking and removing malware, managing applications, and other system needs. Using these system maintenance tools, the support team releases the memory and storage spaces which augment the browser performance.

The presence of hidden toolbars also aggravates the computational speed of a browser and reduces the real-time speed of the internet, the support team provides remote assistance for completely removing them. Malware payloads and their helping applications first make contact with a browser hence, they get easily infected to relay sensitive information like saved passwords and bank account details. PcSupremo helps in keeping the browser and the entire system secure by guiding through the secure online practices and suggesting efficient counter-threat engines that act as a system shield.

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