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Yahoo Customer Support Helps Your Learn its New Features

The latest version of Yahoo Mail is a delight to look at. At Yahoo customer care UK live chat, we think this new fast, clear and engaging version can give both Yahoo and Gmail a run for their money. It comes with a great intuitive interface and supports attachments better. Not just that, the Yahoo Mail Pro offers you ad free email services that you can buy in monthly or yearly subscription options.

What more, it is even cheaper than its old counterpart, the Ad Free Mail. Mobile users can also avail the priority customer support. It will cost you around $9.99 per year or as little as $0.99 a month. This way, you can also stay safe from a number of malware attacks that are often covertly carried on through online advertisements.

Yahoo Customer Care UK finds the new version very easy to operate

This new version offers you high magnification layouts as well as full keyboard navigation. This makes reading or writing emails a lot easier for people with weak vision or hearing. Our expert technicians are always available to help all Yahoo mail users for issues like slow loading, password or username retrieval and issues like when certain buttons are not working.

You can go to the ‘opt-in’ section to choose its old version, if for some reasons you are more comfortable to work on it. But chances are, you too will fall in love with this attractive and easy to use version.

The new version also loads instantly

At Yahoo technical support toll free number, we recommend the Yahoo Mail Pro for how smooth and fast it loads. When you have a low bandwidth or are traveling, you can just try the app that launches somewhat like immediately. Yahoo optimization has worked incessantly to reduce the JavaScript and CSS footprint 50 percent to make this happen.

What it means for us – we can search messages or read them faster than before. The browser also uses up less memory. If you face issues like receiving too many spam emails, any unintentional change in your Yahoo account or trouble with another linked email address, feel free to call our Yahoo customer service phone number. Our technical team will help you out immediately.

This is not all. With the new version, your inbox looks spacious and cleaner. On the left side navigation, there are links for creating folders automatically to collect all the documents and photos so you can access them when you want. What more, these folders are auto labelled relevantly.

You can preview any attached document in a side by side view. Another great option that also takes care of your device and data safety. You can use discretion before downloading anything. You can choose from w variety of new themes and stationery to personalize your app your way. Yahoo customer support is always available to help you use any of the new features. Call us to find out how to make the best use of such great features.