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Why More Than A Billion People Swear By Gmail

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On 1st February, 2016, Gmail announced that its active users had reached 1 billion. Google Search, Chrome, Maps, Android, Google Play and YouTube already had more than one billion active users. With this announcement, Google email service officially joined their ranks. 75% or more of these users access emails from their phones now. What is it that drives folks in tens of thousands to choose Gmail? Gmail support UK brings you some unbeatable reasons to choose Gmail!

  • Grouping Emails

However late a person may reply to a conversation, Gmail will group all the responses together and put the latest email on bottom, and once someone replies, grouping it according to the subject line, Gmail will automatically bring up all the mails in the same thread. This helps greatly in tracking any conversation instantly, regardless of how many people are involved in it or how long the said conversation has been going on.

  • Cyber Security

Malware like worms, viruses, Trojans and spyware commonly spread through emails. Google keeps updating its anti-malware software, thus eliminating more than 99% risk of your computer getting infected. The file attachments are saved on Gmail servers and as soon as Gmail spots a risky payload, Gmail will instantly remove it to keep your device safe.

  • Centralized Platform

Being a Google product and using a single interface, it makes your computing easy as you watch a video in YouTube, search something in Google Search, connect with friends on Google+, make use of Google Drive’s secure cloud storage, upload files that you want to share, read a blog, find your way through Google Maps or track your appointments in Google Calendar. Access them all on the top bar of your Gmail window. Call Gmail support number UK for any login problems. We can also help you retrieve forgotten email ID or password.

  • Speed

Gmail has highly expensive and extensive network of Google servers all over the world. That is why it can deliver your email anywhere in the world within 10 seconds of pressing send. Its nearest competitors may take up 30 seconds to 5 minutes to send the email.

  • Spam Protection

Gmail has highly specialized anti-spam filters and does an excellent job of detecting unwanted emails by their patterns. You can work unbothered about mails that might have flooded your inbox offering services you do not want at all.

  • Storage Space

With 10 gigabytes of storage space, you never have to delete an email ever again. And if you like having your inbox clean and organized, you can tag and archive the read emails, to keep them stored while keeping them away from the inbox.

  • Email Capacity

Yes, you can send upto 25 megabytes in your email attachment! Though their inboxes may not be able to receive more than 5 MB, another Gmailer can always receive it. Free in its services, anyone who requires receiving such a large mail can create an account in Gmail almost instantly. Gmail technical support UK can help you through whatever issues you face while working on your Gmail.

From software, hardware, cloud computing, search and online advertising technologies, there is hardly any internet related service that Google does not offer. Gmail today is easily accessible across the web, through mobile apps for Android and iOS and also through third-party programs that retrieve email messages through IMAP or POP protocols.

With its convenient keystroke shortcuts, so many related services at your fingertip, amazing uptime (days in a year that your email service runs uninterrupted) and rich text, complete with great fonts, bullets, indents, colours, emoticons, hyperlinks and pasting photos in email, Gmail is here to stay. So is Gmail Tech Support UK, to help you through all account creation, deleting and data recovery requirements.