3 Tell-Tale Signs of an Infected Device

In the early days of computer virus, their harms were limited to deleting files and spreading on other computers. At Avast technical support number, we believe those were still the days when you could quickly detect and counter the effects of a virus. You did not have the additional threats of worms, Trojans, keyloggers, ransomware, spyware and what not.

All these different cyber nuisances are included under the broad term ‘malware.’ They sometime manage to sink in through the most advanced of computer security measures. This gives you all the more reason to use updated security software for your different devices.

All these malware are different from one another in the way they operate. So we bring you here a few common signs that show your device is infected.

Avast support number warns about random pop up ads

When random pop up ads keep displaying on your device, it is a tell-tale sign of an infected device. Though modern browsers come up with the feature of pop-up blocking these days. If you have a browser that is not properly configured, you may still see pop up ads from different websites.

There may be a last pop up that says ‘A virus was detected.’ If it offers a paid program to remove the virus, never fall for it. You will end up downloading even more malware.


When your device just gets locked and becomes inaccessible


Avast technical support phone number
also warns of situations when you receive a random threatening message. It might say, the law enforcement office has found illegal content in your computer and locked your computer. You have to pay a fine to get your access back. Of course, it is a made up story.

A ransomware is at play here. There are some types that don’t play around but straightaway say that your device is under the control of hackers now. You will have to pay to get your access back. Sometimes, you end up losing your files even if you pay. So always keep a backup of all your important data, says our technicians at Avast support.
You do not know how certain messages are being posted from your social media profile

When you see messages being posted from your social media account, change your password immediately. Any virus that has stolen your last password won’t be able to access your account further. Keep an eye on Sent Messages as well as your social media posts to ensure it does not happen again.

Small acts of precaution can go a long way in protecting your device and data.