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3 Simple Hacks To Instantly Extend Your Battery Life

One of our everyday inconveniences seems to be the laptop running out of battery charge when we are in the middle of something. At HP technical support UK, we often have clients complaining that their laptop battery starts dwindling in the middle of a client meeting or while working for an urgent deadline.

Needless to say, you often do not have access to a charger or charging point at such times. While digital media has made work highly fast and easy, it has also given us a lot more mobility. Taking full advantage of it, we often work from unconventional places like airport, a vacation or a client’s office. So what do you do when you are in the middle of something important but your battery is about to die? Let us find out.

HP support UK suggests activating the eco mode or battery saver

This is the reason brands include the battery saver option. They make a number of immediate adjustments to prolong the battery life at the given moment. It will shift the different components to states that consume less power so that you can use the laptop for as long as possible.

Next you have to turn off devices that you do not need at the moment, changing the settings so it consumes less power, adjusting different activities to do the same and closing down all unwanted processes and apps.

Disable all ports that you do not need at the moment

As clients contact HP printer customer service for related guidance, we tell them to turn off four things in such situations. These are the Ethernet adapters, the Graphics card, the Wi-Fi adapters and the optical drive. Just right click on the selected device and choose ‘Disable’ as you see the drop down menu.

You can also choose to turn off the different unused ports for the time being. Any unused plug left connected to the outlets has power moving through them. Thus turning them off can be valuable in saving the precious remaining power. If there is a USB port that you see does not have anything connected to it, simply turn it off.

HP printer support number UK suggests adjusting the settings

You need to use the keyboard and the settings, but you can adjust the settings for both to enable reduced power consumption. Is the keyboard backlight on? It is using up power that you could use to prolong the battery life at the moment. Neither do you need the screen to run on maximum brightness.

Your laptop probably has a hotkey for turning the screen brightness up or down. Turn off the sound. If you need to listen, at least drop it as low as possible. Turn off the speakers and put on headphones. If you don’t need sound, just mute the laptop. At HP support, we know how the speaker power can be harnessed to solve your immediate problem.

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