About us

The facilitation of remote technical support to computer users from all corners of the globe is the principle that drives the quality delivery of our assistance services. And to successfully meet this ingenious goal we have the workforce of committed engineers and technicians, available 24-7 on our helpline number.

Since the inception of PCSupremo, it has been making great strides in the tech support field. The reasons behind this continuous achievement are the diverse nature of our help services, the convenient mediums we follow to deliver them, and the range of technological software and hardware brands that we support. Our approach to the technical solutions is above board and transparent as we always try to eliminate an error or issue in the shortest possible time, aiming at its complete removal by detecting the root cause and working it out.

We provide support services to the users of all kind, belonging to different categories of home, business, and enterprise. The most common and unpleasant state that computers acquire over the time is the sluggish performance. And this occurs due to the diverse issues such as accumulation of junk files, hard drive fragmentation, outdated drivers and software applications, the presence of malware programs, and many other sophisticated system errors. Thus, the most availed technical support services are Optimization, Diagnosis & Repair, Setup & Installation, and Virus Removal.

Consumers can opt for various means to avail PCSupremo tech support including the web-based support and the real-time support over the phone. The most suitable method that we recommend for complete resolution of any system error is over the phone, by remotely accessing the customer’s system, if he approves of it. As sometimes customers find it difficult to technically express an error it’s more efficient to access the system, detect the cause of the issue and permanently solve it. Following the web-based method, we delineate the step-by-step procedure to resolve the issue.

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